Star Raiders

Salvador Norman

Height-6’3″ (1.95m).

Born on a small Steiner world in 3014, commander Salvador is not a man of many words. But in the orders he gives, there is a deliberate tone of certainty. He might seem like a cruel man, but that’s what one has to sacrifice to have the respect their unit. His father, as well as himself, fought in the Clan invasion and operation bulldog. After all his father was in the Comguards. He does not like to talk about his past and the perils he has overcome. Nonetheless, he is a good man. His family heirloom is a Comguards uniform as well as an ancient Champion battle-mech that is as old as the star league. Being such a relic, the 60-ton mech is hard to fix, but its weapons are more than a match for any larger heavy mechs.