Star Raiders

Category: Mechs


20 tonsClass-LightProduction Year-2475. An early light mech design, the Flea is a fast and agile mech. Having minimal armament and armor, it is not suited to fight anything bigger than other light mechs, small vehicles, and infantry. Still, an entire lance of Fleas can threaten even larger mechs.


30 tonsClass-LightProduction Year-3063. A mech designed to replace the Jenner, the Osiris carries the same weapons as the mech it is trying to succeed. With its jump jets and speed, this mech can outpace any larger opponent. But its pilot must be aware that the mech they are in is still lightly armored and can’t …

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35 tonsClass-LightProduction Year-3048. A great light support mech, the Raven is usually equipped with various electronic warfare equipment that can aid it and its lance mates to either sneak around enemy positions undetected, scramble the enemy radar, or scout out and report enemy movement without being detected.


35 tonsClass-LightProduction Year-3052. This mech is a quintessential light mech hunter. With its all-energy loadout, it can operate far from its supply line and hunt enemy light mechs without its pilot needing to worry about ammunition consumption. In pairs, Wolfhounds can bring down much larger opponents without much trouble if the pilots know what they …



35 tonsClass-LightProduction Year-2784. An excellent light mech, the Jenner design focuses on its strong points where it counts. Fast and agile, so the enemy can’t catch it, and with enough of a punch to make enemy light mechs think twice before giving chase. It has to be said that the Jenner looks weird at first …

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35 tonsClass-LightProduction Year-3058. A light Clan design that can be taken as one of the most armed light mechs ever. The Cougar has enough weapons to take on medium battlements one-on-one and still come out on top. Its speed is low for a light mech, but with great jump jets, it can still overcome obstacles …

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45 tonsClass-MediumProduction Year-3058. Originally a 35-ton light mech design, the Hollander was upgraded to the Hollander II by adding 10 tons to the chassis, thus making it a medium mech. Its main weapon is a gauss rifle that can snipe enemy targets at ranges where the enemy’s weapons could never reach the Hollander II. This …



50 tonsClass-MediumProduction Year-2572. The perfect mech for city fighting, the Hunchback carries a massive AC-20 autocannon on its shoulder that it can use to blow apart even heavy mechs in a few hits. Its great armor allows this mech to close the range with its opponents so that it may utilize its massive armament to …

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HELLHOUND (Conjurer)​

50 tonsClass-MediumProduction Year-2829. A great mix of guns, speed, and armor makes this mech perfect for any situation. A front-line combat unit or a nasty hunter-killer, few mechs can run from a pack of Hellhounds once they have their trail.


55 tonsClass-MediumProduction Year-2520. The Dervish is a good medium fire support mech. An armament of two LRM-10s can deal damage to any targets that are out of range of its smaller weapons. But even up close, the dervish has two SRM-2s and two medium lasers, making the mech a formidable opponent at any range.